Since 1996 Parallel Edge has focused on providing Outsourced IT support for small and medium-sized businesses. No other Outsourced IT firm can match our focus on you, our client.


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Why Choose Us?

When you partner with us you are partnering with a team of experienced technicians who can address all your IT issues, not matter what technologies you rely on or currently have in place.

Here are the top 10 reasons our clients prefer us over any other IT firm:

  • NO CONTRACTS: We do not, and have never, required you to sign a contract to work with us. We never want to be in a position where you are working with us because the contract says you must. We always want to put you in a position where you are working with us because we are doing our best, and right, work for you
  • YOU MATTER: As our client you are not a commodity. We have built our business on relationships that exceed the customer to vendor relationship, in fact we can be your trusted resource to help you manage any vendor that touches your technology framework be it SIP, IP, VOIP, IT or any other alphabetical variation that is attached to technology.
  • TRANSPARENCY: The recommendations we make will always be based on best practices determined by our experience working with a given solution. Recommendations will never be based on manufacturer incentives or other non-relevant factors. We will never “box you in” with a solution that ties you to us as your sole source.
  • COLLABORATION: If you follow our advice you will be happy – GUARANTEED. Let us collaborate with you to define a technology management program that works for you now and into the future.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: If you are not happy we are not happy. You have the right to escalate ANY concern to whatever level you feel necessary. We will hear your concerns and work to be sure your concerns are addressed.
  • RIGHT FIT: We don’t force you into a predetermined plan. Our plans are starting points and we work with you to craft a plan that best fits your needs from a support and budgetary perspective. You can adjust the support level as needed at any time. This INCLUDES scaling us back. Remember the 2008 recession? Many of our clients scaled back as the economy slowed, and scaled back up as business improved.
  • LONG TERM: We have low turnover. Most IT providers see their technical staff come and go. At Parallel Edge we take pride in the fact that our staff has been with us for many years. Our employees stick around and so do our clients, we are proud to say that clients brought on board at our founding in 1996 are still with us today.
  • SERVICE FIRST: We are a service FIRST organization. Sales of “stuff” is not what drives us. Sure, we can sell you all the technology components you need, but that is a convenience for you, not a factor in how the decisions are made in determining the best solution for you.
  • NO BUNDLES: You know what they are, think Comcast or Verizon. Every service and product we support, sell, or recommend can be uncoupled. You get what you pay for and know what you are getting.
  • TRUSTWORTHY: The first point of the Scout Law and we foster a culture internally that supports this important characteristic. We strive to earn your trust because in the end it makes it easier for us to do our job and easier for you to focus on your business.

Parallel Edge proactive IT solutions are customized to meet your specific needs. We built our business on integrity and transparency, so there will be no hidden fees and no surprises on the bill - that’s a promise!


Data Backup Solutions

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our seamless data backup solutions help make sure that your data is kept safe and sound in the event of a disaster.


Disaster Recovery Planning

How quickly could your business be back up and running after a disaster? We can design and deploy disaster recovery strategies that will help you cope in a crisis.


Vendor Management

As a business owner you already have a lot to tend to without having to deal with your vendors. Let us do all the negotiation work so you can focus on your business.


Technology Planning

Each company has unique technology needs and requirements, and yours is no different. We can design a technology roadmap that will help you reach your business goals.

See what other business owners are saying about us...

Deep Expertise And Knowledgeable

The breadth of your knowledge about the issues facing both large and small businesses is great.

Kathy Dowdell,
Farragut Street Architects

Very Reliable And Responsive

You guys have never left us hanging, whether it’s a minor issue or an all-out emergency.

Colleen Pannulla,
EDA Contractors

Exceptional Customer Service

We’re delighted with Parallel Edge’s service and happy that we made the switch in IT service providers.

Dan Gregory,
CLR Design

Download your Free copy of "12 Little Known Facts About Data Backup".

At Parallel Edge we are always looking for the best solutions for our clients. On-line backup has been of interest to us for more than 15 years. The adoption of high speed internet connectivity and competition in the market place has finally driven the cost of online backup to a level which is affordable.

That being said, on-line backup is not a panacea for your backup needs. In general, you should be spending the most for your critical data, less for the not so critical data and very little for the “convenience” data (the stuff that you need but can get from archives if necessary). Our on-line backup solution can be part of an overall strategy that protects your data and gets you up and running as quickly as possible if problems occur.


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Like many in the business world, you’re very good at the business you do, but you are not necessarily an expert when it comes to technology. Parallel Edge understands your position and recognizes your efforts to be the best you can be. In fact, we’re prepared to help you meet that goal.

We offer innovative technology solutions and reliable support for companies of all sizes. By working with your in-house staff or by providing comprehensive management services, we allow you to dedicate your full time and resources to what matters most - growing your business and increasing your bottom line.