Data Backup Solutions

If your company doesn’t have a comprehensive data backup plan in place, then it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine coming into the office one day only to find your servers damaged by a flood and your data unrecoverable. Could your business survive a day without its mission-critical data? How would you respond to your clients? We can design and deploy backup strategies that will help you cope in a crisis.

Data Backup Solutions from Parallel Edge give you:

  • Data redundancy - we create a backup of your backups to eliminate the single point of failure
  • Offsite storage - secure your backups in one of our remote data centers
  • Built-in retention policies - stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Extensive reporting - detailed backup reports to ensure data integrity
  • Inclusive updates - get the latest hardware and software without paying extra

The core of Parallel Edge’s data backup strategies is a combination of planning, protection and prevention. We provide enterprise-level backup solutions for an all-inclusive fee, meaning you get all the services you need without having to worry about hidden or extra costs.

Let our experts backup your data