Email Protection

Chances are, you and your employees use email to communicate on a daily basis. But are you aware of the many threats out there that could infiltrate your inbox and steal sensitive information? Email Protection from Parallel Edge guards your email system from online nuisances so you can work with confidence.

Parallel Edge’s Email Protection provides you with:

  • Email encryption - multiple layers of encryption to protect sensitive data from leaking
  • Spam filtering - ensure no spam and viruses enter your systems
  • Improved email access - with an easy-to-use interface and message archiving
  • Customized scanning - optimize your system’s resources

Spam and viruses may have been downloaded from your company’s email system by unsuspecting employees. It’s your job as a business owner to ensure that your email system is equipped with a sophisticated security software to keep malicious attacks from getting in and eliminate the threats that are residing deep in your inbox.

Get protection for your email